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At St Stephen's, we welcome all young people as part of our programs, no matter their abilities and needs. We invite young people to come as they are and to grow in their love and knowledge of God, including young people who have additional needs due to physical impairment, developmental delay, mental, emotional or communication disorders and/or ongoing health challenges. We'd be glad to speak further with you about any ways we can be partnering with you to provide helpful care and support for your children - just let us know below that you'd like to speak further with a staff member. 

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I consent to photos and/or videos of this child being taken and used for activities directly related to the wider St Stephens Ministry. This may include promotional materials. 

Walking Bus from Willoughby Public School

We offer a walking bus from Willoughby Public school to Friday kids. Two adult volunteers will accompany children from school to St Stephens Anglican Church on Friday afternoons using the following route 


Walk down Oakville Road turning right at Penhurst street. They would then cross the road at the lights and head down Laurel street, then turn left onto Sydney Street and enter the church from the Sydney street side entrance.


Only students who have handed in a permission note signed by their parent or guardian  will be permitted to accompany the Walking Bus. All students must be collected from church at 5pm when Friday kids finish.